About us


As of May 2020, our team includes the following members being involved in at least one of the stellar library projects (in alphabetical order):


  1. Borisov, S., Chilingarian, I., Rubtsov, E., Ledoux, C., Melo, C., Grishin, K., 2020: The Recalibration of the UVES-POP Stellar Spectral Library [pdf]
  2. Chilingarian, I., 2020: Quick and Accurate Data Reduction for Intermediate-resolution Echelle Spectrographs at Magellan [pdf]
  3. Grishin, K., Chilingarian, I., Katkov, I., 2019: Open-source Web Tools for Spectroscopic and Imaging Data Visualization for the VOXAstro Initiative [pdf]
  4. Rubtsov, E., Chilingarian, I., Borisov, S., Katkov, I., 2019: Stellar Atmospheric Parameters from Full Spectrum Fitting of Intermediate- and High-resolution Spectra against PHOENIX/BT-Settl Synthetic Stellar Atmospheres [pdf]
  5. Podorvanyuk, N., Chilingarian, I., Katkov, I., 2017: Stellar Atmosphere Interpolator for Empirical and Synthetic Spectra [pdf]


This project is funded by the Russian Science Foundation (grant 17-72-20119).

Our team acknowledges the support from the Program of development of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University for the Leading Scientific School "Physics of stars, relativistic objects and galaxies".

SB acknowledges support by the Foundation for the Advancement of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics "BASIS".